Web site provides free advertising for students

Nightfunk.com, a Web site that displays student activities, parties and local entertainment recently made its debut at GW.

Cornell University students Michael Zivin, a history major, and Seth Cohen, a communications major, founded Nightfunk. Zivin serves as the CEO of Nightfunk. Rosen graduated from Cornell last year, and he serves as vice president of the site.

Last year, GW served as a testing ground for Nightfunk. One of the reasons that GW was chosen was because of its location in Washington, D.C.

We tend to stick to areas that are very sociable and have a lot of universities interacting with one another, Zivin said.

Zivin said he believes Nightfunk will be a useful asset to the GW student community. Zivin said since many college students spend free time in front of a computer, the best way to post messages regarding social events would be through the Internet.

Nightfunk provides an excellent opportunity for students to scope out the social and party scene at their universities, Zivin said. He said all event-related news can be updated frequently on the Web.

The GW division of Nightfunk is maintained by local liaisons who are GW students.

Nightfunk has expanded to more than 1,300 campuses nationwide. Zivin said Nightfunk has been a great success. He said about 40 to 60 percent of students at colleges with Nightfunk have logged onto the site. Zivin said an excellent indicator of Nightfunk’s success is the fact that other smaller Web sites have sprung up after the site’s development.

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