Simple security — staff editorial

Highlighting the need for heightened security awareness at the Marvin Center, a $200 stereo was stolen from the WRGW office Tuesday. The perpetrator apparently entered through an open door when no one was in the office.

After the armed robbery of the Aramark office on the second floor of the building, those who work in the Marvin Center should take safety precautions seriously. That means shutting and locking doors during hours of non-operation and when nobody is in the office.

Shutting and locking doors when the office is empty may seem like common sense, but as Dolores Stafford, director of University Police, said, security is inconvenient.

Because of the University’s urban location, crime is a reality with which the GW community must cope. Particularly in the Marvin Center, a public building, criminal activity is an issue deserving significant attention.

In the case of WRGW, its easily accessible location and high visibility make the office a natural target. With thousands of dollars worth of new equipment, WRGW personnel should ensure that security precautions are followed.

Employees of WRGW and other Marvin Center offices should take this relatively minor theft as a wake-up call. There is no excuse for leaving doors open or unlocked when no one is present in a suite.

The past weeks have shown that the Marvin Center is vulnerable to crime. Those working in the Marvin Center should ensure that existing security measures are observed at all times.

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