SA Senate acted rashly, vindictively

I am deeply saddened by the actions of the Student Association Senate Wednesday morning.

When I decided to run for Student Association president last year, I was determined to bring about change in an organization that was the ridicule of the student body. The students voted for me because they had faith in my leadership. They wrote me in; they proved that they wanted me to serve as their leader, for better and for worse. I was elected as a write-in candidate. I was clearly the people’s choice, the people’s president. The Senate, in its infinite wisdom, overlooked the voice of the students and acted selfishly and irresponsibly. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

We had many goals to accomplish: the Book Exchange, the Executive Hour, Turkish Relief, student involvement, GW-opoly, the Student Advocacy Service, the Major Advising Cabinet program and other initiatives. With these programs and so many others like them, a difference was being made, and students were helping students. I counted on the representatives in the Senate to assist me. I want to personally thank those members of my administration who shared this vision, and the cabinet who were crusaders of the cause. Unfortunately, all of their dedicated and loyal service has now been lost.

The Senate had an opportunity to assess my presidency on its merits. And, on all factual accounts, I was not found guilty of impeachable offenses. I was, however, removed on a catch-all article that was spearheaded by politically motivated Sens. Baxter, Resler, Rodeback and Executive Vice President Leu; ones who personally lobbied their colleagues into the early morning hours for their cause. They distorted the truth and tried to bring me and my cabinet down, individuals who have been working hard since last May.

Students view the SA and student life on this campus as a joke. And, they have good reason. Actions like this only further prove the lack of viability of our campus. We are fortunate, however, for the educational environment provided by GW’s faculty and the dynamic environment created by the administration for the opportunities for students in our nation’s capital. When students focus on important things like this, they will discover why GW is such a great institution.

-The writer is former SA president.

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