Remove Meisner — staff editorial

Student Association President Phil Meisner’s recent actions are wholly reprehensible and constitute grounds for his removal from office.

At the risk of even slightly legitimizing Meisner’s newest ploy – his attempt to dissolve the SA and create a new student government – the president’s actions must be thoroughly condemned.

At first, the offenses with which Meisner was charged were not worthy of removal from office. But now, in light of student funds being misused, Meisner has committed an offense worthy of his removal.

Meisner is using SA funds for campaigning purposes, a violation of SA bylaws. In a thinly veiled scheme Meisner is trying to tie his own fate with the fate of Coke on Campus at an SA-funded barbecue Monday. Petitions to dissolve the SA will be available at the barbecue, which is advertised by Meisner (again using SA funds) as a Coke on Campus referendum.

Meisner’s act is getting old. The timing of his actions is suspect if not an obvious indicator of the depths of his desperation. Had he proposed reform of the SA before his impeachment, then the idea could have been addressed in a proper manner. Real debate on the issue must wait until impeachment hearings have concluded.

Students must not be fooled. Dissolving the SA and leaving Meisner in charge to start a new student government would be counter-productive and potentially disastrous.

Meisner could have ensured the safety of his position if he had acted prudently. Working within the system, Meisner should have addressed individually each of the articles of impeachment. Then, after the trial, he should have worked with the members of the SA Senate to address issues that he believes need reform.

Since he took office, Meisner has proven himself irresponsible and ineffective. Now he is dangerously out of control.

The Senate should vote to remove Meisner from office Tuesday.

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