Students learn how to `live for Islam’

The president of the Muslim Association at the University of Maryland College Park told a group of students that to live for Islam is to live for Allah.

Kareem Darwish spoke in Corcoran Hall Tuesday at a lecture, which was the seventh in a series entitled Living for Islam where students are studying the book To Be a Muslim.

About 30 students attended the lecture, but not all of them were of the Islamic faith. Darwish gave a down-to-earth explanation for students on how to truly live for Islam.

Darwish explained to students how they could practice their beliefs in everyday life.

When faced with a choice, there are two ways a Muslim can go, the way of Allah and the way that benefits himself, he said.

Darwish also told students that there are, 99 names or attributes of Allah, and it is not enough to memorize them. One must understand them and strive to practice them in their own life. Darwish emphasized the idea that, Islam is nothing if you have an intellectual understanding but do not apply it.

Following Darwish’s lecture, the students were invited to ask questions. They discussed topics including final pleasure or heaven, using Allah to achieve that final pleasure, and fearing and loving Allah.

-Andrea Tucker

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