GTAAA deserves support

I would like to thank the Student Association for endorsing a resolution supporting the unionization efforts of GW teaching assistants and part-time faculty. This is an instance in which the SA is truly acting on behalf of the best interests of students at GW, for we need the GTAAA as much as the part-time faculty does. It is imperative that students realize this.

Under current labor conditions at GW, part-time faculty (our educators) cannot make a living wage. How does that affect students? Well, in order to teach, our educators need basic human necessities such as food and shelter. By just teaching at GW, they cannot afford basic human necessities, so they must take on other jobs. By taking on other jobs, they have less time and energy for us, their students. There are many part-time faculty members boldly overcoming these obstacles to teach well and with passion, but how can it possibly be fair to expect such heroism?

Furthermore, our educators do not have access to basic teaching tools. Part-time faculty members share already cramped offices with too many colleagues. There are not any computers, printers, or other necessary technologies readily at their disposal within these offices. How can they teach us to the best of their capabilities without these tools? It is just another frustration for our educators. It is another reason why we, the students of GW, are losing gifted and experienced teachers to schools that are paying and treating part-timers better. It is another reason why gifted and experienced part-timers at GW are leaving the teaching profession altogether.

The flight of part-time faculty from GW is something to consider when you, the student, are applying to grad school or need a recommendation for an internship, and that great teacher you had the previous semester is nowhere to be found.

Please, take control of your education. Support your educators. Support the GTAAA. It’s for your own good.

-Katie Riffeyfreshman

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