Drugs: Facts and figures


Genus and species name: Cannabis Sativa

History: 1850-1875: Cannabis first brought to Jamaica from India. Used in U.S. primarily for medicinal purposes. 1900-1925: Marijuana smoking by Mexican laborers in towns along Mexican border begins. Quickly spreads along Gulf Coast. 1914-1931: 29 states, most west of Mississippi River prohibit the non-medical use of marijuana. 1915: U.S. prohibits importing of marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Method taken: Usually smoked or ingested orally in baked goods.

Effects produced: giddyness, excessive laughter, light-headedness, paranoia

Common side effects: Amotivational syndrome, chest pain/respiratory problems.

Common terminology: Bowl, bong, joint, blunt, kind bud, dank, Midi’s, schwag, puffing, baking, clam-baking, hot-boxing, chronic


Active ingredient: MDMA (3,4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine)

Method taken: Orally ingested pill.

Effect Produced: Hallucinagenic, central nervous system stimulant.

Common terminology: E, rolling, wafer, lover’s speed

LSD (Lysergic Acid Dithylamide):

Method taken: Orally ingested.

Common terminology: acid, tabs, tripping, sugar cubes


11 million: Estimated number of marijuana users in America last year.

68.6 million: Estimated number of Americans who have tried marijuana in their lifetime.

2 seconds: Length of time in which a person tries marijuana for the first time in America.

$502: Amount U.S. government spends per marijuana user on enforcement.

$216: Amount U.S. government spends per marijuana user on education/prevention.

sources: http://itsa.ucsf.edu and the National Institutes of Health

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