Desktop registration — staff editorial

The GWeb online registration system has gotten off to a good start when pre-registration for the spring semester began Wednesday.

The tedious procedure of the phone registration system has been replaced by an efficient and effortless online version. Students no longer must wait for prolonged amounts of time for their course registration numbers to be processed.

Busy signals from the old phone registration system are a thing of the past. In just a few minutes, any student could register for a full slate of courses, make any necessary changes and have time to print out their new schedule off the computer.

The online registration system is virtually stress-free. All mistakes are instantly displayed, unlike the cumbersome phone registration system, which waited to the end to reveal any mistakes. With the old system, frustration was a feeling students expected to have when finished registering.

Moreover, specifics about the courses, such as the location, time, instructor, and just about any other information about the class is available at the click of a mouse. Numerous other features, such as the unofficial transcripts, are also obtainable through GWeb.

However, the verdict as to the success or failure of the new registration system is yet to be determined. The worst-case scenario – a crash of the system – would make students revert to the old phone system. And given that the phone registration system will be on a much smaller scale this year, the possibility of the online system crashing is much more menacing.

Given that the online course registration system stays on track, students are in for a pleasantly satisfying experience.

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