CLLC seeks to hire community facilitators

The extensive selection process for next year’s community facilitators started this week with information sessions conducted by the Community Living and Learning Center.

Candidates received applications at these sessions along with a comprehensive overview of the job and its responsibilities.

Tova Olson, CLLC’s manager for Selection, Training and Development, said qualities needed for the position include flexibility, dependability, enthusiasm, dedication and an understanding of community life. CLLC uses an extensive process (which continues in various forms from now until the end of February) to get to know the applicants on many levels.

We want to know the candidate as much as we can, Olson said.

CLLC employs 80 CFs this year and expects roughly the same for the 2000-2001 school year. Applications have to be turned in by Nov. 12, and two letters of recommendation are due by Nov. 24. From Nov. 15 until Dec. 3, the interview process takes place.

Each aspiring CF will have an interview with a current CF, an assistant community director and a community director. The first cuts will be made Dec. 4, and the remaining CF candidates will be enrolled in a CF class, which is another component of the training process. The class meets once a week for five weeks and concludes with an interview with the CLLC dean. Applicants are notified Feb. 18, and those who are accepted have until Feb. 22 to return their letters of intent.

The entire selection process takes place before the housing lottery to avoid housing conflicts.

Current CFs Sean Koeing and Carolyn Lee described the selection process as long and anxious but added that it was a self-reflective period. They said the process was worthwhile regardless of whether they became CFs.

Sophomore Marcie Reyes said she is ready to go through the selection and training process because the CF experience would be an interesting way to meet all types of people. Sophomore Stefanie Michael said it’s a way for me to learn more about GW.

The bulk of training for incoming CFs takes place over the summer, a few weeks before school begins.

Olson said she was confident in the training process.

All our CFs are very capable, Olson said. It is a very challenging position, but we haven’t had any problems with our fabulous staff.

CF benefits include a $1,000 stipend every semester, a furnished room, voice mail, call waiting and a debit dollars stipend for the semester. As a panel of this year’s CF’s said in an information session on Monday that satisfaction comes from more than tangible benefits.

Its a lifestyle more than a job, Olson said.

Duties of a CF include holding office hours and staff meetings, performing health and safety inspections, conducting floor meetings and designing in-hall programming. CFs also handle all room and resident conflicts and have the main responsibility of developing stronger communities in residence halls.

Creating community and a connection with others is the most important part of a CF’s job, according to CLLC.

Olson said she is confident of a really strong group this year and said CF positions are open to sophomores and graduate students, in addition to juniors and seniors.

The final information session will be held Friday at 3 p.m. in Marvin Center room 405. All interested students must attend at least one information session.

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