Voss should stay

This letter is regarding Student Association President Phil Meisner’s decision to remove Dining Services Committee Chairman Chris Voss from his position. He is being removed from his post after a year and a half of dedicated, motivated and full commitment that has allowed the committee to see two of its best years with respect to addressing dining issues and quality of dining service on campus.

As a second year committee member, I have seen firsthand the direct involvement we have had as a group (under Chris’ leadership in particular) in advocating students’ concerns regarding availability of healthy and vegetarian food options, pricing concerns, the transition from the meal plan to the all-points system and the building of new food venues in the Marvin Center ground floor.

Voss’ quality personality has allowed him to develop personal relationships with the administrators and food managers who have eased student-University relations, especially with respect to those in charge listening to our input and being more receptive to addressing our concerns. It would be a shame to see Voss forced out of a position he has personal interest in and has proven himself worthy of over the years by communicating with administrators and students, organizing committee meetings and coordinating student surveys.

He has been the voice of GW dining concerns, and it would be very disappointing to see the SA kick out one of its most hard-working and dedicated officers.

-Layla El-Wafi
Dining Services Committee member

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