’s interactive twentysomething show swings into GW for a day

Put six strangers together for a seven-week trip and what happens? No, it’s not the latest show on MTV, it’s a new interactive show presented on the Internet called “Rockcity Limits.” And the cast members of the cyber-adventure visited GW Wednesday.

Hollywood producer Hunt Lowry and his partner John Kennedy are establishing a new and innovative Internet site, www.rockcity.comThe project, which has been developing during the past two years, is finally getting off the ground. Presented by, “Rockcity Limits” is the first of many proposed shows to hit the site. “Rockcity Limits” is an episodic show, broadcast solely on the Internet. Served by Yahoo Broadcast Services, the show is meant to be a real-life account of the strangers, picked to travel cross-country together, over the course of seven weeks.

In the tradition of shows like MTV’s “Real World” and “Road Rules,” “Rockcity Limits” throws together a group of twentysomething artists and takes them on the road to Los Angeles, where many believe they will fulfill their aspirations of success and stardom. Three new episodes will be aired each week. The show began taping Oct. 1. The crew already visited several cities on the East Coast and is touring universities nationwide to promote the show.

Lowry said good entertainment content was missing on the Internet. With this new online network, Internet users can view the show of their choice at any time.

Another advantage of broadcasting the show on the Internet is its capacity as an interactive medium. In addition to following the daily lives of six “characters,” the audience can take an active role in the show. Audience members will be able to respond to the characters via e-mail.

The cast consists of three men and three women, each from different backgrounds.

Sari, a 20-year-old Web designer, will be celebrating her 21st birthday on the road with the rest of the crew, as will fellow cast member Mike. Like most of the group, Sari said she thought the offer to travel cross-country free-of-charge was “too good to be true.”

Mike thought it was hard to leave his friends in Boston, but was excited to embark on the adventure. Hoping to break into the fashion industry with his own clothing line, Mike seems to be the comedian in the group. The entire cast was excited about the move to Los Angeles. Most of the group members wanted to see their creativity put to use, but Mike, “just wants to meet Tommy Lee.”

Kim, a 22-year-old from Maryland, received a degree in acting last May and hopes to get a big break in Los Angeles. Eager about the innovative nature of the program, Kim refers to the endeavor as a “wave of the future.”

Jamie, an Illinois native, has held a variety of odd jobs while waiting for her move to California.

“There are lots of surprises in store for us,” she said of the show’s seven-week tour.

Chip, who is also 21 years old and a North Carolina native, is an actor who had been doing some work for “Dawson’s Creek” until he was called to join the crew. Justin, 25, is a college graduate and aspiring musician. He has been bartending in Texas.

Even though these six strangers have been together for only a few days, they said they are getting along fantastically and joke about the lack of dramatic tension.

“But how much can happen in just a few days?” Jamie said. “Just wait.”

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