Meaningful lyrics convey message on new album

More than 2.6 million American women live with breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month and in light of this, famous female vocalists contributed their voices to the benefit album Climb Against the Odds (PBS Records/Warner Bros. Records).

The compilation is filled with a variety of sounds and meaningful, inspirational lyrics. The first two songs, “Happy Girl” by Beth Nielson Chapman and “Across the Great Divide” by Nancy Griffith, start the album on a positive note, using a country flavor. Celine Dion’s “Love Can Move Mountains” is an up-tempo song that literally will have listeners on their feet. This is a change from Dion’s usual beats, which are on the softer side.

“Me” by Paula Cole and “Just Keep Me Moving” by K. D. Lang are two powerful tracks on the album. They contain a soft-rock appeal. Both songs strive to convey to female listeners that breast cancer can strike at any time.

Combining a pop beat and strong vocals, Billie Meyers’ “Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover” takes a different approach. It effectively illustrates how breast cancer can strike anyone. Two instrumental tracks also are included – Jamie Sieber’s “Tell It By Heart” and Laura Karpman’s “Marcy’s Theme (Original Score).”

The album ends with “Fulani Chant” by Sweet Honey in the Rock. This nine-minute repetitive rhythmical chant is appropriate because it allows listeners to seriously think about breast cancer and its effects on its victims and their loved ones. Other songs on the album include “Everything in Its Own Time” by the Indigo Girls, “Why Walk When You Can Fly” by Mary Chapin-Carpenter, and “Against the Odds” by Karen Pernick.

Climb Against the Odds is a wonderful blend of sounds that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age or gender. The strength of the lyrics will strike a chord with everyone who hears them. This album creatively conveys the horrors of breast cancer while providing hope for a cure.

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