Jimmie’s Chicken Shack creates diverse album

Many artists in the music industry tackle the simplest and most complex issues facing today’s society. The most popular topic is clearly love and relationships. At some point, every band will produce music addressing this subject.

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack takes its turn with relationships on the band’s new release Bring Your Own Stereo (Rocket Records), and comes away winning. Shying away from sappy ballads and romance, the band sticks to its rock ‘n’ roll appeal that catapulted it to new heights with the 1997 release Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope.

Although the group’s lyrics primarily cover the topic of relationships, listeners will be less inclined to pay attention to this theme as they will to the powerful sound the band brings to the album. Bring Your Own Stereo lures its audience with its diverse music.

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack experiments more in this album with 13 unique tracks. While some songs blend acoustics and rock sounds such as “Spiraling” and “Waiting,” other songs range from basic rock to songs with a much harder and louder beat such as “Ooh” and “Silence Again.” The band even ventures into a little reggae and swing for some of its songs.

There is a noticeable change between the first and second halves of the album. With the first half, listeners can dance to the upbeat and livelier songs. “Do Right,” which has become enormously popular with its radio play, is among them. The second half of the album introduces heavier rock songs, but in the end, the band takes it down a notch with the mellower song “30 Days.”

Bordering between light and heavy rock, Bring Your Own Stereo is an extraordinary album because of its extreme diversity. Although the theme of the album centers around relationships, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack takes this topic to a new level with incredible sound and flavor that fans and listeners will enjoy.

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