SA spending woes

It’s a well-known fact that I, a GW student, pay a lot of money to attend this University. In an ignorant bliss, I would like to believe that my money is going toward things that will benefit me and my fellow students. I would like to think that my money is part of what pays for the wonderful professors I’ve had in my two years here.

But I was appalled to read in Monday’s Hatchet (“Meisner, University dispute proposed firework display,” p. 1) that Phil Meisner and Cat Sadler were even considering wasting my money and the money of several thousand other students on a 10-minute fireworks display.

Now I understand that Mr. Meisner thinks that he’s “Charles in Charge” because of his stunning election victory and that Cat Sadler is probably trying to find something to do with herself after her sad and tragic loss. But obviously the students at GW picked the correct candidate in Caity Leu, who stated, “I don’t think (the fireworks) are worth $6,000 of students’ money.” Good for you Caity Leu! Stand up for the students and against bureaucratic waste!

Let’s take a minute and think of what $6,000 can pay for here. If a meal runs around $5.00 at J Street, on average, then a 10-minute fireworks display can buy 1,200 meals. A 10-minute fireworks display can buy roughly 5,400 metro cards, each worth $1.10. Think of the other possibilities.

The money that goes into 10 minutes of enjoyment for what would probably only be a fraction of the total GW population could help out a lot of students. Like students who worry about returning to school the next year because of a lack of financial aid. But not just going directly to individual students, that money could be given to the wide variety of clubs and organizations which create the diversity and vivacity of this campus and at times get very little assistance from the Student Association.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having a good time, and I love fireworks just as much as the next person. But I can think of so many other ways in which $6,000 should be spent, and if Phil Meisner thinks that he’s going to waste my money, then I want it back.

Meytal Kashijunior

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