Students must take action themselves, not rely on SA

As another semester commences, I noticed that not too much has changed. Students still pay $5.19 for a box of Lucky Charms. The freshmen still wait at the crosswalk for the “walk” sign, but most importantly, we are still leaderless.

During my first two years, I sat idly by as the University took away the $300 housing deposit waiver from students in financial need. I remained seated when the University announced that there would be an additional fee for the Health and Wellness Center upon its completion. I continued to be idle when the University extended the meal plan that charges $5.19 for Lucky Charms to “include” juniors.

I didn’t question what happened because I, like many other students, honestly believed that our leaders would question the fees and take firm action regarding the meal plan and housing waiver. I was shocked to discover that we do not have a Mario Savio, nor do we have a Greensboro Four. Since the Student Association, our leadership, is unwilling to speak out against the meal plan, then we must do so.

The administration has no legitimate justification to require its on-campus students to “participate” in the meal plan. If GW Dining Services provides reasonable prices, high-quality food, and good customer service, then why isn’t voluntary participation for students of all levels the norm? If dining services is providing everything that has been promised, then they should not fear losing students to off-campus eateries. Are the promises true, or are they merely a mirage?

I submit to everyone that it is time to find our Mario Savio or Greensboro Four and air our complaints. It is time to stand up for something. If we fail to take a stand now, then when will we take a stand?

-The writer is a sophomore.

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