The Bar Belle

Originally Published 08/26/99

Bar: The Big Hunt

Where: 1345 Connecticut Ave., NW

Crowd: twentysomethings with a smattering of those in their thirties

Getting in: need an ID to get by the door

Prices: the D.C. norm – $3.25 for a Bud or Bud Lite. Plus, a good special Thursdays – $3 pints of Red Hook.

Food: full menu until 12 p.m. – burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza

Dancing: nope

Pick-ups: aren’t there always?

Pluses: lots of places to sit, two pool tables, fun atmosphere

Minuses: odd crowd, only two pool tables, not much standing room

When the Bar Belle first tracked to the Dupont Circle bar, she went for happy hour after a hard day at work. She needed to have some fun. And she did. With the help of a crazy girl co-worker, the Bar Belle forgot all of her troubles in the $2 mixed drink specials. Her vodka and cranberry was quite tasty and the hummus and pita she nibbled on was a nice accessory to the drinks. Needless to say, the Bar Belle left for home at 10 p.m. (happy hour ends at 7:30) with one of those I’ve-been-drinking-since-five looks on her face.

The second time the Bar Belle hit The Big Hunt was around 11 p.m. on a Friday night. The crowd is a big mix of ages, but most are in their mid-twenties. But, the friendly atmosphere allows the novice 21-year-old to feel at home.

The two coin-operated pool tables upstairs are a nice addendum to the bar scene. But there are only two and the wait can be a while. People tend to monopolize the pool tables. However, just sitting around and talking with friends is ideal for The Big Hunt atmosphere. There’s background music from the juke box and plenty of booths and tables. Standing room, however, is pretty limited, so snagging a table is key.

As for pick-ups, thankfully, they are not as blatant as in other bars, but they do exist. Even during her very happy happy hour, the Bar Belle got hit on. A military man in his thirties sat down with the Bar Belle and friend and proceeded to buy them drinks for a bit. While the man was quite revolting, the Bar Belle is not one to complain about free drinks.

Located in Dupont Circle, getting to The Big Hunt is quite simple – your feet, a cab or the Metro can get you there in a jiffy. It’s open until 2 a.m. Thursdays and 3 a.m. on the weekends. And trust the Bar Belle, you’ll be there to hear the bartender yell “last call.”

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