Court drops case against JEC

The student court dismissed Monday a case filed against the Joint Elections Committee that claimed the JEC did not enforce its rules during the election season.

Plaintiff Adam Segal, a former member of the Alexis Rice campaign, argued in the case that President-elect Phil Meisner overspent money during the campaign season, and the JEC failed to enforce its rules.

“Our court case was very much intended to fulfill the short-term goal of forcing the JEC to make Meisner’s final financial statement public, so we could analyze his blatant overspending and hold him accountable,” according to a press release Segal wrote. “Fortunately for us, the JEC played right into our hands and turned over Phil’s damaging runoff expenditures before the court could give them any opportunity not to.”

Segal said he is concerned because he thinks the JEC certified Meisner as president before all his financial statements were approved, which is a violation of JEC rules.

JEC spokesperson Kristen-Marie Kaczynski said the JEC certified Meisner after it had reviewed his financial statement.

“The JEC is confident that everything is legitimate,” said Kaczynski, who resigned from the JEC Wednesday, citing personal reasons.

Segal said he still is deciding how to handle his concerns now that the case has been dismissed.

“The JEC intentionally shut the door on this issue to avoid dealing with it,” Segal said. “Over the next few days, I will be speaking with other students to decide what is best for the future of the election process.”

Phil Meisner could not be reached for comment.

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