By the numbers: GW fast facts

Student Association

5% of GW students know what the SA is
12% think they have seen the SA walking down the street
68% wish they had never heard of the SA
15% told us their opinion, but because they missed a meeting, they were fined and thrown off the final results.

Program Board

99.9% of students wish they could blow $50,000 on a single event without any repercussions
1 student did just that

Marvin Center Governing Board

95% have never heard of MCGB
5% thought they got MCGB from a hookup they met at Odds, but they took some penicillin and it went away two days later

Joint Elections Committee

17% of students know what the JEC is
90% of students dislike the JEC5% had “inappropriate relationships” with the entire JEC in a ballot machine

Note: Figures do not add up to 100 percent because of mathematical difficulties.

The GW Hatchet

8% percent read The Hatchet
68% do just the crossword puzzle
10% call The Hatchet thinking it’s the GW Hospital
10% call The Hatchet thinking it’s the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch
4% think The Hatchet is accurate and reliable
1% tried to imitate The Hatchet, but failed

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