Thanks to all who helped in long EVP campaign

I wanted to express my gratitude to those who supported me and were a part of the Grosso Campaign ’99 – my candidacy for executive vice president of the Student Association. It was a tough election, probably longer than anyone ever imagined and unfortunately, I was not victorious.

To put a couple of rumors to rest, a few issues came up with threatening e-mails and harassing letters directed at me and my campaign. During the month of March, I received three e-mails and a handwritten note threatening my life if I did not drop out of the race for EVP.

I did not drop out of the race.

I would never have quit. I am not the type of person who would quit. Not then, not now and not ever.

No person should ever intimidate anyone seeking any leadership position at GW or any other institution. This is a cowardly and disturbing act. By making people aware of my situation, I felt I could prevent it from happening again.

The situation is being handled by the University Police and Computer Information Resource Center. Through their investigation, I am assured that this will all be taken care of. I would also like to thank the individual administrators who have made this a priority.

I have been through a lot but I will move on.

As a candidate for executive vice president, I stood on a platform of personalization. I wanted more people to get involved with the SA and find out what it was really about.

I still feel the SA is not about politics. It is about representation. I believe that the SA – the Senate particularly – should be more of an active participant in student activities and campus initiatives.

I don’t know what my exact involvement will be with regards to the SA next year, but I can assure you that I will still be actively involved on campus in other organizations and community spirit initiatives. Cheerleading, Colonial Inauguration, Greek-letter life and freshman mentoring will remain a part of my extracurricular activities.

Thanks specifically to The GW Hatchet, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, the Black Peoples Union, the Philippine Cultural Society, African Americans United, the Organization of African Students, the GW Cheerleaders and Sensations, the Muslim Student Association, women’s club lacrosse, the Arab Club and so many more who actively supported, endorsed and helped me along the way.

I still plan to be an active voice on campus.

-The writer, a sophomore, was a candidate for Student Association executive vice president.

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