Marvin Center muddle – Staff editorial

The drawn-out soap opera surrounding Marvin Center renovation plans continues. Now that renovations are underway – and will continue for quite some time – even more problems have arisen. The administrators and students overseeing the renovations have offered varying answers to the question of asbestos in the Marvin Center. Confusion is widespread, answers are contradictory and no one seems to know all the facts. It’s just another day at GW.

It is no shock that asbestos was found. Asbestos was used extensively to insulate buildings and protect them from fire when many campus buildings were constructed. Unfortunately, it also causes major respiratory problems if inhaled at concentrated levels.

The problem is the people in charge of the renovations don’t seem to know the extent of the asbestos and its effects on the renovation schedule. One person says it will cause significant delays; another says problems exist but it has been taken care of; a third asks, “What problem?”

Students have been promised a renovated Marvin Center for years. A lack of communication plagued the planning stage. The trend continues. The administrators who are responsible for supervising the renovations should have fixed their communication problems long ago. If the renovation’s supervisors are not on the same page, the Marvin Center’s renovation will be a never-ending affair.

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