Letters to the Editor

You call that news?

As I sat at work last Thursday and logged on to www.gwhatchet.com, I was very interested to see the article “Fraternities circumvent University’s keg policy” (p. 1). Being that this article was in the “Top News” section of gwhatchet.com, I was anxious to see what had happened over the weekend to provoke such an article. Perhaps a big bust had gone down at a party, or a fraternity was violating the rules and a member had decided to speak to The Hatchet.


The article was a prime case of unsubstantiated propaganda. I have always been curious about the existence of “Frat Boy X,” commonly cited when The Hatchet publishes articles on Greek-letter life. The one human source The Hatchet did use was Traci Anzaldi, the University’s Greek affairs coordinator, who did not cite any actual incidents or use any facts in making her case.

Fraternities seem to always be whining that universities, newspapers and administrators are out to get them. As a former president of Delta Tau Delta, I listened to members of all Greek-letter organizations complain about the powers that be. I encouraged them to stop whining and work with the University to get clarity on policy and make the necessary changes. The fight to keep Greek-letter life is worth all of our efforts.

However, when I see irresponsible journalism such as this article, I can definitely see and agree with the point all of the “whiners” are trying to make.

It was disappointing to see this article appear in The Hatchet. It gives life to the argument that stereotypes will always prevail, and the reporting done on our Greek-letter system will always be pointed and have an angle.

-Tyler Green
class of 1998

Thanks from Coach Penders

To our loyal “Smith Center Psychos”:

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making us unbeatable at home this year. Without our students, we would not have won against Xavier and many other games as well. Our players and coaches know how important you have been during our run to the Atlantic 10 West Division title.

My staff and I are dedicated to bringing you a team you can be proud of now and in the years to come. Your support, loyalty and undying enthusiasm will be a tremendous boost for our recruiting. Arena atmosphere is one of the most important factors in recruiting and game success.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for giving us the best home-court edge in the A-10. You’re the greatest.

-Tom Penders
GW men’s basketball head coach

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