Far Too Jones tries to mimic sounds of other pop band

On its album Picture Postcard Walls, Far Too Jones sounds far too close to a billion other artists. The songs are not terrible but they lack an original sound.

On the first track, “As Good As You,” the name John Cougar Mellencamp springs to mind. Unfortunately, there’s no clapping like in Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane,” but the song induces toe-tapping. Then again, so does every Mellencamp song.

The second track begins with a slow beat and distant background music. Suddenly, the guitars and percussion intensify and the song grows darker, sounding like the band Live.

On some songs, it’s difficult to pinpoint the band Far Too Jones is emulating, yet you swear – insert pop band name here – sang this song a few years ago.

Vocalist Christopher Spruill sounds like Ray Pruitt from “Beverly Hills 90210.” Remember? He started on his own show “The Heights” and then moved to “90210” and turned into Donna’s abusive boyfriend. Although Spruill isn’t starring in any Aaron Spelling shows, he sings with the raspy, whiny voice that made the Heights’ song “How Do You Talk To an Angel?” popular.

Far Too Jones takes the elements that made previous singers and bands successful and pretends to create unique music from those hackneyed building blocks. But anyone who has ever listened to the top 20 countdown will recognize what the band tries to do. The band members adopt the philosophy that if it worked for them, it’ll work for us. It doesn’t.

After the 13 tracks on Picture Postcard Walls, Far Too Jones makes no impression. Instead of listening to the music, you spend most of the time playing name that band and Far Too Jones is never the correct answer.

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