Another Affleck is successful in Hollywood’s name game

Let’s play a game. I’ll give you the last name of a celebrity and you give me the first name.

Let’s begin with Paltrow.

OK. That’s too easy. Gwyneth.

Fine smarty pants, let’s increase the difficulty. Haim.

That’s right, ’80s movies lovers. It’s Corey Haim from License to Drive.

Okay, here’s a toughie. Affleck.

It’s Ben – the guy from Armageddon and Good Will Hunting – right?

Wrong. The answer is Casey – a GW alum. Oh, and Ben’s younger brother.

The sibling of an actor who has sped along a one-way road to fame, Casey has been in Hollywood for a while. He’s moving at a slower pace, but the up-and-coming actor is on his way to success.

At age 12, Casey made his acting debut, starring opposite Kevin Bacon in the PBS show, “Lemon Sky.” After graduating from high school, he moved to California to pursue his acting career and landed a role in director Gus Van Sant’s To Die For. After completing the film, he did a balancing act between his education and acting career. Now, at age 22, Casey is focusing on his career.

His latest film, 200 Cigarettes, features an ensemble cast, a who’s who of Hollywood teens and twentysomethings. With stars such as big brother Ben, Paul Rudd, Christina Ricci and a slew of others, it’s a film of faces that will soon grace the covers of People magazine.

“There are some people in it that have been around for a while,” Casey said in a telephone interview. “I don’t feel so confident yet. It certainly is flattering to be working with the group of people I worked with.”

And with more fame and exposure come more opportunities and more choices. When deciding whether to take a part, Casey considers many factors.

“There’s not just good and bad scripts,” he said. “It also has to do with the people involved and the role I’ d have to play. There’s a lot of things to consider.”

The script for 200 Cigarettes made him laugh. He said that if it didn’t make him laugh, he wouldn’t have taken the part. To him, humor is important in films.

“I do really like dramas that are funny, instead of preachy and hit you over the head dramas,” he said. “There’s something about making people laugh so that you can move people in one way or another.”

His penchant for comedy shines through in his personality. When asked about the peculiar title of the film, he responded without hesitating, “It’s a pro-cigarettes movie. No, actually there’s a speech in the movie that speaks specifically to the title. It’s the number of cigarettes in a carton. It’s an early ’80s title.”

His enchanting personality, sense of humor and talent place Casey on the road to success. He already completed the modern-day version of Hamlet, in which he plays the prince that Hamlet is afraid of. Casey described it as the “capitalist Hamlet.” He also stars in the film Committed with Kate Hudson, who also appears in 200 Cigarettes, and Luke Wilson.

With great opportunities and achievements, Casey will soon be a big name in Hollywood.

Next time we play the celebrity name game and I say Affleck, you’ll say Casey.

Oh and what’s-his-name, that guy from Armageddon. We’ll just call him Casey’s brother.

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