Ed Meinert

Ed Meinert considers himself an outsider. Despite being a Student Association senator, an Advisory Neighborhood Commission candidate and a campus activist, the outspoken presidential candidate said he does not consider himself a part of the “establishment.”

Meinert said his experience on campus and in the community will help him change the SA’s unrealistic protests and politicking to a focus on issues student leaders can tangibly control – interaction with students and student groups.


“If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I am a very determined person and that I never give up,” he said.

At the heart of Meinert’s campaign are unity, reform and leadership. He said he decided to run because it was time to seriously address campus concerns, a goal the SA has fallen short of accomplishing in his three years at GW.

“SA leaders love to take credit for things that happen on campus that they had nothing to do with,” Meinert said, adding that he hasn’t seen “eye to eye” with other SA members on many campus issues

Meinert said he will create a Council of Presidents, in which SA leaders would meet with student group presidents twice a month to alleviate some of the tension and increase coordination.

“We need to change the perception of the SA,” he said. “The SA should go to students, the students shouldn’t have to come to the SA.”

Meinert also proposes an intermediary between the Senate Finance Committee and student groups. He said he plans to have about four three-member boards responsible for student group allocations.

Student groups would report their budgets to an academic, social and recreational, media, creative and performing arts, or student activity board to promote a more effective allocation process.

“It would eliminate most of the over-political nature of the process, and be a large and positive move toward ending favoritism in the process.”

While Meinert says his “roller coaster” of experiences at GW has taught him the value of sacrifice and admitting mistakes, he says it has also prepared him to become a stronger person and leader.

“In my last year at GW, I would like to help make this campus become more unified and dedicate my time, energy and resources to making this a reality,” he said.

Hometown: Melbourne Beach, Fla.
Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Credentials: SA undergraduate senator; SA Tuition Action Director; Colonial Cabinet member; member, College Democrats and International Affairs Society; delegate, Model United Nations; STAR

“What I would like my main contribution to be before I leave GW is to affect the way the student body interacts.”

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