Caity Leu

SA executive vice presidential candidate Caity Leu said ever since she became involved in the SA, she has felt the need to reform the financial allocation process.

Leu said serving on the Senate Finance Committee and on the executive board of several student groups, has helped confirmed that belief.

“For me, the biggest thing is financial reform,” Leu said. “This is very important and it relates to freedom of information. I realize how much information is out there that students don’t know about.”


Leu said the allocation process is not the only element of SA finance she has tried to improve. She said she also is concerned about the University fee and freedom of information regarding tuition bills.

“One thing I’ve tried to focus on while I’ve served in the Senate is financial reform,” she said. “This year, I’ve written and had passed about five or six financial reform bills and written many others, which did not pass.”

Among Leu’s other goals are establishing an online registration system and creating a student judicial support services program in the SA.

“I want students to be able to go into the SA office and obtain counsel if they need to go in front of a board,” Leu said. “I want to have someone there for students who are in trouble.”

Leu said her campus involvement has affirmed her belief in financial reform and increased student services. She said the Senate also has given her invaluable skills, which have honed her leadership.

“Being a senator has helped my people skills,” Leu said. “I’ve learned that if you don’t agree, you can come to a compromise. This will help me to serve the students and get more done.”

Major: International affairs, concentration in international politics
Year: Junior
Credentials: SA undergraduate senator; College Democrats community service director; Phi Sigma Sigma Executive Council; founding member and historian, Students Against Yearly Increases in Tuition

“Being a senator has helped my people skills. I’ve learned that if you don’t agree, you can come to a compromise.

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