Wanted: Judge Judy – Staff editorial

In a case that would be best handled by Judge Judy, the Student Association’s Student Court has agreed to hear a case that would affect how students are represented in the SA. A complaint filed with the court Monday alleges that the current system of elections violates the SA charter because it distinguishes between graduate and undergraduate at-large seats, and because students in larger schools are allowed to vote for more senators than students from smaller schools.

Students won’t spend hours making picket signs and fomenting protests and civil disobedience about this case. No one cares. Why? Because people have better things to do with their time than watch pretend lawmakers dally in make-believe court.

Dante described the levels of eternal damnation in his Inferno. Some members of our always-esteemed SA have embarked on a trip through the several layers of silliness. If there really were grave challenges to students’ enfranchisement, why did no one notice earlier? Why spring this lawsuit a mere two weeks before this year’s campus elections?

The sad fact of the matter is that if the average student was asked his or her opinion of the SA, a fair number would ask, “What SA?” It is a shame that most SA members are more adept at performing futile antics than working on anything substantive.

In this election season, the air is full of promises and hyperbole. Students are inundated by claims and counterclaims. The last thing they need is to be subjected to a lawsuit based on sections and subsections in a charter average students don’t even know exists. If only Judge Judy were here to dismiss this silliness with a wave of her hand and a couple of wry comments, GW students would be better served. Until she arrives on campus, however, it’s time to dust off the power suits and play pretend lawyer in this make-believe lawsuit.

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