SA to announce mid-year allocations Tuesday

Increased efforts by the Student Association to publicize the allocation process spurred high student group response this year, said undergraduate Sen. Caity Leu (ESIA).

“It was simply publicized better this year and people are becoming more aware,” Leu said. “Communication was a lot bigger problem last year than it was this year.”

“A few groups didn’t meet the deadline and so they will incur the 15 percent fine off their total allocation, but compared to previous years, there has been a high response,” said graduate Sen. J.P. Blackford (SEAS), chair of the Finance Committee.

Leu, who is also a member of the Finance Committee, said the majority of the 25 groups that did not meet the deadline had small initial allocations and will not be greatly affected by the fine.

Leu said most groups did not request an increase. Leu also said the SA encourages student groups to apply for special events allocations through the special events fund rather than the initial allocation.

Blackford said student groups will be able to see their allocations in the finance bill Monday morning and address concerns to senators before the bill reaches the SA Senate Tuesday night.

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