Mount Vernon gets a raw deal

What a surprise. Yet another way GW is treating its Mount Vernon campus students different than its Foggy Bottom students with respect to policies and privileges.

First, Foggy Bottom residents became worried of high lottery numbers that would force them to live at Mount Vernon. So the Residence Hall Association held a meeting and decided to give Foggy Bottom females the option of refusing housing at the Mount Vernon campus to be placed on the guaranteed waiting list.

I had no complains with that because I do not blame people for not wanting to live there. But some females DO enjoy living there and that is a personal preference. In addition, some Foggy Bottom females want to live at Mount Vernon next year. The problem came when I read the Jan. 28 article “GW reconsiders housing policy,” (p. 9) and learned that “current Mount Vernon residents facing the same situation of last choice housing at Mount Vernon will not be granted the same option.”

That is complete and utter crap. GW is one school and it should only have one set of policies. We were told that we only had to live at Mount Vernon for one year but now may be forced for another. Many cannot opt to live off campus if they are unhappy with the housing results due to financial reasons, which may include scholarships.

This policy does not apply to me personally, because I entered GW with sophomore standing out of high school, but for the many freshmen at Mount Vernon who do not wish to continue, this is unfair. If GW was not planning on treating all students equally and fairly, it should not have bought another school. We have been told that it would be a little rough in the beginning to integrate the schools, but these policies are making the integration process much more difficult. Instead of smoothing, they just made another bump in the road.

RHA should reconsider this new policy and make it a universal one. Many women only agreed to live at Mount Vernon under the original condition that it would be our choice for the second year. Some students may take their money and invest in a school where they truly want to live.

With all the twists on original promises, it really would not surprise me if Mount Vernon residents mysteriously just all happen to receive high lottery numbers.

-The writer is a sophomore Mount Vernon resident majoring in information systems.

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