The Bar Belle

Originally Published 01/28/99

Where: 3139 M St. N.W.
Crowd: Young professionals with a few older folks mixed in
Getting in: IDs required at the door
Prices: Bottles $3.50, draft $3, mixed drinks $4.95
Food: Lots, and it’s good
Dancing: Not really
Pick-ups: A few sketchy old men and women having mid-life crises
Pluses: Tables to sit and Tootsie Roll lollipops
Minuses: No dancing

After a rainy hike into Georgetown, The Bar Belle arrived on the bar scene cold and wet. Long lines already were forming at Garrett’s and Georgetown Station, so The Bar Belle and her buddies opted for the open door of Old Glory. A restaurant during the day, Old Glory has two levels – the lower level bar and a more relaxing scene upstairs. Downstairs, mobs swarm the bar and listen to blaring music from a live band. The Bar Belle and her friends headed upstairs for a quieter evening.

On the second level, the music is not as loud, but it still is difficult to carry on a conversation. After a disgusting walk into Georgetown, the long wooden tables and booths were inviting. A cocktail waitress serves the upstairs folk, but if you want your drink quickly, head down to the bar. The tables had only one waiter, and he was busy. Food is also an option at Old Glory. The Bar Belle’s friends ravaged a plate of loaded nachos piled high. On weekends, the full kitchen is open until 12:30 a.m. and a late-night menu is available until 2 a.m. As for drinks, The Bar Belle enjoyed a vodka and cranberry that was a little heavy on the vodka. Beer is on the steeper side, but the mixed drinks were refreshing. The sizes also were reasonable. The potent shots were difficult to down in one slug and left The Bar Belle’s friends with watery eyes. Be careful – it’s easy to run up a hefty tab and be left without money for a cab ride home.

Old Glory is not trying to do anything fancy. Downstairs is more of the typical bar scene, but upstairs is a great place to sit and talk with friends while sipping (or slurping) drinks. The best part is when you leave, your waiter brings a handful of Tootsie Roll Pops for the walk home.

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