By the Numbers: Washington

69% approve Clinton’s job as president
29% disapprove

40% have a positive view of Clinton as a person
53% had a negative view

16% said they would be more likely to vote for their senator in the next election if he/she voted to convict Clinton
31% said they would be less likely to vote for them
51% said it would have no effect on their vote

49% said the Senate should open the impeachment debates to the public
49% said it should conduct the debates in private

23% said the federal budget surplus should be used on Social Security
21% said it should go toward education
14% said it should be used to cut taxes or give a refund to taxpayers9% said it should go to fighting poverty/homelessness
3% said health care
1% said the military should get the surplus funds
1% said it should be saved or invested
1% said Medicare

37% said Clinton’s plan to save Social Security would work
34% said it would not work
29% were not sure

Are the allegations against Clinton interfering with his presidential duties?
No – 55%
Yes – 43%

Will Clinton be remembered 25 years from now for:
the controversies over his personal life and financial dealings – 72%
his accomplishments as president – 18%

-Sources: CNN/Gallup poll, Time magazine

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