Vandalizing celebration

The sentiment of Muslim students on GW campus is more visible after a horrid deed was committed last week. During the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslim Students Association of GW placed a banner on the H Street Terrace of the Marvin Center inviting fellow students to Iftar dinners, the feast that takes place at sunset after the long day of fasting. These have been taking place this past week.

The Muslim community at GW felt a deep impact Jan. 11, the first day of the spring semester when an act of prejudice berated Muslims on campus during the last week of fasting. A culprit vandalized the banner by placing “Bomb Iraq” on it.

A poll was taken during this past week asking Muslims and non-Muslims on campus whether this act of racism should be brought to the attention of President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. The results of the poll strongly indicated that a majority of students believe that something should be done concerning this act of vandalism.

The Muslim Students Association at GW works arduously to provide a forum for Muslim students to interact among each other and with other students on campus. Therefore this act undermines the goals of the MSA at GW. As a result, we would like to urge people of all faiths to obliterate their racism, and collaborate in order to end the hostility between Muslims and non-Muslims.

As for the perpetrators, we urge them to a public debate if they really believe Iraq should be bombed. We hope people in the future can refrain from doing hideous acts of prejudice directed toward people of different faiths.

-Raza Balle Balle, Ma Chakde Kami and Piyara Atif

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