Looking at the big picture

We are writing in response to the racist action that took place Jan. 10. The Muslim Students Association put a banner wishing everyone a happy Ramadan outside the Marvin Center earlier that night. After it was hung, someone vandalized the banner by writing “Bomb Iraq” on it.

It’s funny, now that we all think about it, that at an academic institution of this level, some students act in racist, childish and ignorant ways. We are not Muslim, but we felt we needed to write this to convey our opinions and show our disgust for this act and the person(s) that took part in it.

It is sad to think that people can still, after progressing to the point that we are today (in college), act in such an ignorant manner. If people truly wish that we should bomb Iraq, then those people should ask why Iraqis should be bombed and what would those bombings accomplish. I think we need to wake up and know what is really going on. Innocent people die, and nothing happens to the root of the problem – Saddam Hussein – whenever we bomb that country.

Don’t get us wrong, we think Saddam is a terrible dictator, but that fact does not give anyone the right to punish the innocent civilians of Iraq. The only thing the bombings do is further civilian suffering.

People will continue to have the mindset that “all Iraqis are horrible people and they deserve to suffer.” It is only through education about the situation, that we as a community, university and nation, will have a different, more understanding view toward Iraq and its people. If we look at the big picture, we are all human beings. What is the justification of killing a nation of human beings?

-David Bridgeman

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