Letter to the Editor

Ripped off

The GW Bookstore was upset last semester when Internet sites started to intrude on their business. However, the bookstore management has obviously failed to look at the reasons students would rather not shop in its convenient on-campus location. They are ripping us off more and more every semester.

Last semester I bought A History of World Religions ninth edition from the GW Bookstore in used condition. It cost me $48. While looking for books for my current religion class, I noticed the same book on the shelf. Now, however, the even-more used book is selling for more than $50.

This book is only one example of the bookstore’s practice of constantly hiking prices. Why are books going up in price the more they are used? I am simply baffled and I urge everyone to use alternative methods of buying their books – friends, the Student Association, online services, anything. It’s truly unfortunate that we are, in many ways, forced to use the bookstore but the less we do, the more the management will get the picture and start treating us more fairly.

-Heather Saslovsky

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