Dial-7 rings listeners with flavorful album

Dial-7’s debut album, Never Enough Time (Warner Bros.), demonstrates it is not just another band from the musically fertile land of Orange County, Calif.

With a blend of rock, hip-hop, reggae and funk, Dial-7 has created its own sound. The band already has proven itself on the West Coast with soldout shows and incredible live performances. Now the band appears ready to expand.

With a multiracial, multi-talented and multifaceted musical style, the band emphasizes harmony, positive energy and the unity of mind, soul and body. Because of the wide range of sounds it encompasses, Dial-7 has shared the stage with Run DMC, De La Soul, The Foo Fighters, Orgy and Sugar Ray.

Lead singer Michael Lord, deejay and vocalist Shauny B., bassist Barrett, percussionist Mikey Clamz and guitarist Chris Robosan have created an album that veers in a new musical direction. The first single off the album, “All I Want” exemplifies the band’s ability to produce contagious melodies.

Producer Jim Wirt, who has worked with bands such as No Doubt and Incubus, worked with the band to create its first major label release. The band recreates its live dynamism and energy on Never Enough Time, a prize-worthy feat in itself.

In a time when ska and punk bands seem to be running amuck, it is refreshing to hear the purity in Dial-7’s music. The band has a flavor all its own.

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