Living Out Loud explores love and life after marriage

Living Out Loud (New Line Cinema) adds new meaning to the notion of the stereotypical “chick flick.” Starring Academy Award winner Holly Hunter(The Piano) and Danny DeVito (LA Confidential), the movie offers a fresh view of life in the never-ending search for love and happiness.

Hunter portrays Judith Nelson, the wife of a wealthy Manhattan doctor. When she realizes her husband has been cheating on her with a younger woman, Judith accepts that the marriage is over and decides it is time to begin living her life for herself.

Enter DeVito as Pat Francato. Pat has his own share of problems. His wife kicked him out of the house and he is deep in debt. More importantly, he is mourning his daughter’s death. Although Pat has worked as an elevator operator in Judith’s building for some time, the two have never spoken. But that changes one night.

After a romantic encounter with a complete stranger at a local blues club, Judith is overwhelmed with delight. When she gets in the elevator and sees Pat, she notices he does not share her elated feelings. From that moment, the two begin a unique friendship that develops into a different kind of love. The love is not romantic – at least not in Judith’s mind. Instead, it is the love of companionship.

Hunter and DeVito are an unlikely romantic match. But their performances evoke such strong emotions that the drawback easily can be overlooked. Along with Queen Latifah (Set It Off) as blues singer Liz Bailey, the two offer a comical and emotional look at the process of finding love again.

Living Out Loud is about taking chances in life and explores the constant need to be near someone who cares. Hunter is especially brilliant in her portrayal of Judith, a woman who realizes it is time to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and move on. Her performance, along with DeVito’s, provides a new outlook on life beyond marriage.

Living Out Loud is not a romantic love story. Instead, it focuses on a more common theme – friendship. The bonds between Judith and Pat, as well as Judith and Liz, are the type for which everyone searches. Living Out Loud explores themes of friendship, love and starting over in a comical yet sentimental fashion anyone can enjoy – even if it’s a “chick flick.”

Living Out Loud opens Friday.

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