Sigma Alpha Epsilon member robbed

A Sigma Alpha Epsilon member was robbed at the fraternity’s house late Saturday night by two suspects reportedly armed with a gun, University Police Department Director Dolores Stafford said.

The suspects entered through the open door of the house at approximately 11 p.m. and questioned members in the common area about Halloween weekend events, fraternity President Tim Beresford said.

“We knew they didn’t belong (to the fraternity) and told them they should leave,” Beresford said. “We thought they had left (the house), but they went upstairs.”

After being told to leave, the suspects confronted and robbed the victim, Eric Meyer, at 12:43 a.m. in the second-floor bathroom, Beresford said.

Stafford said the suspects, who are reported to be two black males about 6-2 and weighing 210 to 230 pounds, stole the victim’s wallet, which contained credit cards and $38 in cash.

The suspects left the house before other members could respond, Beresford said.

The fraternity had the door propped open while the robbery occurred because of Halloween activities during the weekend, Beresford said.

“I walk by the (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) house everyday. Students living in (the house) should lock their doors,” Stafford said. “Not only is the door unlocked, it is propped open. This is a private home and residents have to take action to protect themselves.”

“We usually keep (the front door) open because UPD’s right across the street. We also don’t have much stuff in the common area that people would come in and steal,” Beresford said. “We keep it propped open because brothers sometimes get locked out at night and have to call to get the door opened.”

Although the house is considered off campus, and therefore out of UPD jurisdiction, UPD is assisting the Metropolitan Police Department with the ongoing investigation.

The fraternity has not had any past problems with theft, Beresford said.

“This was a random act,” he said. “I’ve never known it to happen before.”

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