Advisory Neighborhood Commission Election ’98

Question: How can communication be improved between the Foggy Bottom and GW communities?

Susana Bara?ano

Age: 43
Occupation: administrative researcher, free-lancer
Education: two master’s degrees, GW; B.A., Wellesley College; auditing courses at GW
Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Precinct captain for Democratic National Party
  • Junior League
  • Volunteer at Corcoran Gallery, Columbia Hospital for Women, Smithsonian


  • Do projects together that help the community as a whole.
  • Proposes joint community/University plan for future development of Foggy Bottom.

    Richard Sheehey

    Age: n/a
    Occupation: information specialist for U.S. Geological Survey
    Education: B.A., GW
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Founder and former president of the D.C. Capital Consortium
  • Worked on variety of local, state and national political campaigns

    “Listen to each other.”

    Richard Price

    Age: 51
    Occupation: section head, health policy analyst, Congressional Research Service
    Education: M.A., B.A., Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Foggy Bottom Association, board member 12 years, former president, treasurer, membership director
  • St. Mary’s Court Board of Directors, member six years, former president Historic Preservation committees of Foggy Bottom/West End
  • West End Library Friends, founding member
  • Current ANC commissioner

    “Neither the community nor the officials of the University have done a very good job of sitting down and determining where they have interests in common, where we can go and in what direction we can move to constructively to deal in our mutual interests.”

    Mark Schaefer

    Age: 30
    Occupation: Attorney
    Education: J.D., GW; M.A. and B.A., State University of New York-Albany
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Chairman, Foundry Untied Methodist Church mission group that advocates political rights for D.C.


  • Conduct issue-oriented forums where residents can express concerns.
  • Current meetings are too argumentative.
  • ANC needs leadership that keeps a decorum of civility.

    Maria Tyler

    Age: n/a
    Occupation: Worked for International Monetary Fund, currently retired
    Education: M.A., GW; B.A. with honors ,Wellesley College
    Elected offices/civic activities: ANC commissioner since 1990

    Alan Scott Elias

    Age: 20
    Occupation: student, GW junior
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Worked on local campaigns, including 1998 mayoral campaign
  • Campus Bureau Director, Student Association, 1997
  • President, New Hall


  • Hold more events to bring Foggy Bottom residents together with GW community:
  • Have a block party inviting community members.
  • Invite community to University events and vice versa.
  • Hold forum on community and GW relations.

    Barbara Spillinger

    Age: 68
    Occupation: retired
    Education: Russell Sage College
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • League of Republican Women
  • Formerly part of Young Republicans
  • D.C. Republican Committee member

    Establish dialogue between community and the University to reach a compromise.

    Edward Meinert

    Age: n/a

    Occupation: student, GW junior
    Elected offices/civic activities:

    Not available for comment.

    Dorothy Miller

    Age : 76
    Occupation: retired
    Education: B.A., American University
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Two consecutive terms on ANC, current chair
  • Worked on national political campaigns
  • Served as witness in several hearings on behalf of D.C.

    “GW needs to stop lying. (GW) needs to give us complete information and inform authorities.”

    Steven Mandelbaum

    Age: 20
    Occupation: student, GW junior
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Student Association, vice president for financial affairs

    Creating a non-hostile environment for each side.

    Greg Scoma

    Age: 38
    Occupation: security and safety specialist, University Police Department, GW
    Education: graduate studies in School of Political Management, GW; B.A., GW
    Elected offices/civic activities:

  • Worked on ANC financing campaign with D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)
  • Active in D.C. politics since 1992
  • Student government


  • Meet in public forum.
  • Meet outside of ANC meetings to explain and discuss issues before monthly ANC meeting.

    Sara Maddux

    Age: 56
    Occupation: Department of State, administration officer
    Education: M.B.A, GW; B.S., Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
    Elected offices/civic activities:
    (under the Hatch Act, federal employees cannot hold partisan political positions)

  • Board of Directors, Monroe House
  • Board of D.C. Homeless Organization
  • Current ANC commissioner


  • Hold informal working meetings for exchanges of information.
  • Work together during development of project.

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