We’re here for students

“I will be your voice” – perhaps the most common sentence used during the Student Association campaign season.

As most senators suggest, they want to be elected so they can represent the students. What some senators quickly forget is the only way to represent students is to go out there and listen to what you, the students, have to say. You shouldn’t have trouble finding your senators, and as your representatives, senators should be available for you.

As your two undergraduate senators at large, we want to hear your concerns and address them to the entire SA Senate. To ensure that we are available to hear what your concerns are and to set the trend for other senators, we are launching a new campaign for the entire year.

Whether you see us outside in the Rose Garden, jumping tables in J Street or attending a student group event, we will be present and always listening. Students will find it easy to talk to us, complain to us or even just get to know us. Whether it be during our office hours, at SA information tables or town hall meetings, we will always be willing to hear your concerns.

The argument that the SA Senate is stagnant and not present on campus is truly unfair. The Senate is working on resolutions about student meal plans and student fees. In the near future, we plan to recommend changes to the student group funding process.

We cordially encourage all students concerned about their lack of meal options and all student group leaders who feel alienated and fed up with the current funding process to come and talk to us. Share your ideas, e-mail us – do whatever it takes to let us know how you feel. Change is a process that only is worthwhile once input has been solicited from all channels.

As students, use your senators to vent, complain or argue. After all, we are your public servants. The SA is the best medium to voice your concerns effectively. Your senators are the vehicle to bring your concerns to the SA Senate and the administration. So talk to us, we’re listening.

-The writers are SA undergraduate senators at large.

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