Bad mock – Staff editorial

If a person were to go around impersonating a doctor, offering medical advice and performing medical procedures, that person would go to jail for fraud. Likewise for a person who goes to court, and with no legal training, tries to pass himself or herself off as an attorney. The basic concept behind these sorts of laws is simple – people with no experience in a certain field should not be allowed to impersonate a person or organization that does.

Enter the Student Association Senate and its brand-spanking new ad hoc committee on Greek-letter life.

The Senate passed a bill Tuesday that authorized the creation of the committee, which is supposed to examine Greek-letter issues and advise the Senate’s Student Life Committee and the whole Senate.

The only problem with the ad hoc committee is everything it is supposed to do already is done by the Interfraternity Council and the University’s Office of Greek Affairs and Spirit Events. The Senate never even consulted the IFC about the whole idea of a new Greek-letter affairs committee. In a rush to deal with a real problem, the Senate passed itself off as a collection of experts, although its credentials are less than exemplary.

The IFC and Office of Greek Affairs are the only organizations on campus with jurisdiction over Greek-letter organizations on campus, not any ad hoc committee, nor the Senate. If the Senate truly wanted to play a supportive role, it should have consulted the IFC and Office of Greek Affairs to plot a common strategy and plan. Instead, the committee’s creation only serves to undermine the legitimate and established authority of the IFC – an organization composed of Greek-letter members for Greek-letter members.

Perhaps the next time the Senate plans to pass itself off as a group of experts, it should consult with those who actually have the expertise.

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