Letters to the editor

Brass brush-off

As I was reading the front-page article “Madness sets in at Smith Center” (Oct. 19), I became upset. In it, the cheerleaders, dancers, strobe lights and Student Activities Center volunteers were all given credit for creating the exciting atmosphere of the night.

Yet, one group glaringly was left out of this praise – the GW pep band, Colonial Brass.

Colonial Brass plays at ALL home games, no matter what day or time. During Spirit Week, we went to the Mount Vernon campus to play while most people either did not know about it or did not care to come.

We paint our faces, wave our pom-poms and our ESPN sign not just at Midnight Madness, but all throughout basketball season. At Midnight Madness, it was Colonial Brass that played “Buff and Blue” over and over to get the crowd excited.

When problems arose during the night, the event’s planners asked Colonial Brass to continue to play so that the crowd would not grow restless and disinterested.

Yet in the article, there was no mention of Colonial Brass. The closest mention was briefly about “music and the cheerleading and dance squads.”

Colonial Brass does not expect top coverage in The GW Hatchet. When we get in, we are extremely happy. Yet to not have been mentioned in an article in which we contributed so much to the events is a slight that should not be made in future.

We may not have been out on the floor dancing and waving our sign, but we were an integral part to the evening’s entertainment and deserved some sort of credit for our time, energy and school spirit.

-Laura Yerhot
Colonial Brass member

Red card for GW

Attention GW students: Unless you drive a car or know someone who can take you to watch our men’s and women’s soccer teams play at South Riding Field, you can’t get there at all.

Why? Because although our school sent our teams to play at a very nice field (near Dulles International Airport) in a nice neighborhood, it lacked the foresight to offer shuttles out to the field for GW soccer fans.

The area is inaccessible by Metro or bus. So what do you do if you are a soccer fan who wants to support the teams? Cry out at the top of your lungs!

It seems unfathomable to me that we can’t get out there to support our teams at home games. Does anyone else see something wrong here? It’s actually easier to watch our teams play at Georgetown or George Mason or Howard than it is to see them play at South Riding. Why? Because you can actually get to some of these away games.

How many times have I heard complaints from random administrators or student leaders about the lack of school spirit or involvement in team sports? Well, how can you have SUPPORT if you don’t have the FANS out there?

For Spirit Week, the Student Activities center (SAC) offered shuttles to the soccer games during the week. So you got to support your team during that week. What about the rest of the home games?

Well, I for one am a fan and I want to support our soccer teams, but I can’t get out there.

So what can I and others like myself do? Contact the Student Activities Center at 994-6555. Tell them you want to watch some soccer matches at South Riding Field. Tell them the Smith Center isn’t offering transportation. Tell them SAC is your only hope.

Let’s support our soccer teams by getting those shuttles running out to South Riding.

-Ana Pacheco

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