Cherry honors father with debut album

When Eagle-Eye Cherry’s album Desireless (Work) goes into a CD player, it stays there for a while. On his debut album, Cherry fuses the sounds of jazz, blues, pop, folk and modern rock into a powerful, irresistible mixture.

Son of legendary jazz musician Don Cherry and brother of pop/hip-hop singers Nenah and Titiyo, Eagle-Eye Cherry comes from a family full to the brim with musical genius. His father gave him the unusual name Eagle-Eye because as an infant, he looked up at his father with just one eye. Now at age 27, the Swedish-born Cherry is making his unique name known worldwide.

Already a star in Sweden, Cherry grabbed attention in the United States with his hit single “Save Tonight.” He played to a packed house at the 9:30 Club Sept. 17. The crowd held up Swedish flags and sang every word of his songs. When he played “Save Tonight,” no one in the crowd remained quiet.

“Save Tonight,” the first track on the album, serves as a perfect blast-off point from which the rest of the album unfolds. He explores the world of addiction in “Shooting Up in Vain” and “Death Defied by Will.” In “Falling in Love Again”, Cherry dives into the pain and sadness of love. “Indecision” focuses on an entirely different and intriguing point – the inner thoughts of a hitman. Eagle-Eye’s duet with his sister Titiyo in “Worried Eyes” is a beautiful moment.

Desireless is a journey through the world as Cherry has experienced it. He takes stories and scenes from his life and successfully turns them into moving song lyrics. His music is a series of intricate, acoustic guitar plucking and heavier strumming. The vocals and music go hand and hand, each contributing to the other.

Dedicated to his late father, Desireless is a work of art. The title track, written by Don Cherry himself, gives the album perfect closure. Desireless is a true tribute to Don Cherry and an album to cherish.

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