$10,000 kiosks – Staff editorial

Ten thousand dollars.

That is the amount the University plans to pay for each new poster kiosk it plans to place on campus. The state-of-the-art kiosks are fitted with a glass enclosure to protect the posters from the wrath of nature’s elements and electrical lights to illuminate posters. No word yet on whether a central air system and running water will be built into the kiosks.

The plan for these kiosks is a result of a Student Association request for more bulletin boards so student groups can publicize their events without making a huge mess posting signs on buildings and windows. Anyone who has walked past the Academic Center has seen the number of posters and fliers that take up almost every inch of the glass-enclosed stairwells. The bulletin boards were supposed to alleviate that problem by providing poster space at different spots on campus.

But then the University decided it wanted to put up poster sites that were aesthetically pleasing. So it came up with the $10,000 kiosks.

The $10,000 being spent on the kiosks is a shameful waste of money. That money could be put to better use:

 1,000 large, three-topping pizzas from Domino’s;

 2,020 chicken Caesar salads from Au Bon Pain;

 3,333 100-sheet notebooks from Staples;

 20,000 cans of Pepsi from the vending machine in front of the fire station;

 40,000 packs of 25-cent Juicy Fruit gum.

This campus should look good and the posters and fliers on the walls of the Academic Center, taped to the sidewalks in the Quad and pasted on Funger Hall make a mess. Erecting some poster kiosks would make the campus a bit more eye-pleasing, but paying $10,000 a piece for them is ridiculous. GW should be a ashamed of this obnoxious allocation of funds. If the University is against the original plan to put up simple bulletin boards, it must find a cheaper way to meet student groups’ publicity needs without breaking the bank. To do otherwise would be an insult to students and families who are struggling to pay each semester’s tuition bills.

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