Responsibility – Staff editorial

The last few months have been tough for Greek-letter organizations at GW. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is engaged in an ongoing battle with the University. Sigma Chi lost its Interfraternity Council recognition this summer after hosting a party during a session of Colonial Inauguration. Sigma Alpha Mu and Delta Tau Delta both got into trouble earlier this month for violating IFC rules. Beta Theta Pi is on social probation after alcohol-related violations before rush.

It is time fraternities at GW took responsibility for themselves and their members’ conduct.

A seemingly unprecedented number of students have endangered themselves this semester in a rash of alcohol-related incidents at GW. But an incident involving the Kappa Sigma fraternity deserves further mention.

A freshman who was visibly intoxicated showed up at a dry rush-related party at the Kappa Sigma house. The members of the fraternity asked him to leave the house. But in his intoxicated state, he could barely manage to walk without significant help and he passed out on the sidewalk. The members of Kappa Sigma noticed the freshman’s condition and called the University Police. UPD called EMeRG and the freshman was taken to the hospital for treatment.

A subsequent investigation found that Kappa Sigma was not involved in the freshman’s intoxication.

Members of Kappa Sigma should be commended for acting responsibly and appropriately. Unfortunately, actions such as those of Kappa Sigma’s members have proven to be a rarity. It is time fraternities at GW realize that to gain respect from the University community, they must act in a way that deserves respect. Holding functions or engaging in actions that are in violation of IFC rules is senseless. The IFC rules are agreed upon by all member fraternities, not some unseen entity who has come down from the mountain top.

Fraternities must hold themselves accountable to the standards they have set for themselves. If they fail to do that, they will never gain the respect of the University community.

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