New look for Gelman – Staff editorial

For most students, college libraries conjure up images of stuffy places with bad lighting; old, rarely-used books; solitary students studying religiously and ever-present old ladies shushing anyone who raises his voice above a whisper. At GW, that view is as outdated as the card catalog. After numerous improvements, Gelman Library stands alongside Ivy League-level schools as a top-notch research library with the latest in information technology.

The technological improvements in Gelman are incredible:

  • Students can research thousands of pages of material from hundreds of academic journals online, with complete text and pictures available on many articles.
  • After questions were raised last spring about the future of GW’s Lexis-Nexis system, terminals remain open to students who need to do research on the huge newspaper article database.
  • Internet access is available from every computer in the library.
  • Many of the computers in the library have been replaced with faster models.

    These types of technological changes surely will boost GW to the top level of university research libraries.

    Beyond the technology improvements, physical improvements have been made to the library. The sixth and seventh floors are undergoing significant renovations. The seventh floor houses the National Security Archives, one of the largest collections of U.S. national security-related material, and the Kiev Collection, a priceless collection of Judaica from the Ukraine. The sixth floor, when renovations are complete, will give students a variety of options for late-night studying, including comfortable chairs with overstuffed cushions.

    In addition, copying services are offered on the third floor with prices lower than those offered at Kinko’s and other area copying services. The changes and improvements are the result of Gelman administrators’ constant attention to student concerns. Gelman’s staff actually pays attention to students’ constructive criticism, and makes a real effort to take students’ suggestions to heart.

    Now, Gelman administrators must take the final step by letting students know what the improved library has to offer.

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