Agents of Good Roots steps closer to fame

The name of the band is Agents of Good Roots. Its latest album is entitled One by One (RCA Records). And the bottom line is: The band has talent.

The second-stage band from Richmond, Va., is teetering on the brink of the mainstream. Capable of capturing an audience with its diverse instrumental tunes, Agents of Good Roots is well-prepared for the spotlight.

During their two-hour performance at Georgetown’s Bayou Friday, the four men demonstrated their unique capacity for producing several melodies and diverse singing techniques. Their vast range of musical ability allows them to vary their sound.

With the lead man on keyboard, the band imitates the mellow sound of Ben Folds Five. When the drummer took the lead on vocals, however, the quartet mimicked the alternative band Soul Coughing. At other times, the lead singer played the guitar rather than keyboard and the band’s style was similar to the popular Dave Matthews Band.

The band’s broad range of musical production drew a diverse crowd. The audience that packed both the floor and the loft ranged from young college students to middle-aged individuals. But everyone appeared to enjoy the show, especially when the band broke into several instrumental jam sessions. One memorable interlude concluded with an excellent cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “Tangled Up in Blue.”

The well-orchestrated musical ability of the band guarantees an entertaining show for any audience. Although the band has not hit the mainstream yet, Agents of Good Roots is quickly and ambitiously approaching the main music scene.

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