Letters to the Editor

Missing the source

I read the movie review about Simon Birch in the Sept. 10 issue of The GW Hatchet (“Childish humor deprives Simon Birch of dignity“) and I was disappointed to see there was no mention that the movie is based on A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

The reporter said the “creators rely heavily on sophomoric humor and forced drama.” If the movie seemed to have childish humor, it is because the book intentionally was written that way. Irving purposefully used childish humor and childish experiences to portray a child’s life.

And accusing Hollywood of choosing a cute little kid to play Simon Birch in order to boost ratings is incorrect as well. In A Prayer for Owen Meany, Owen, the character Simon portrays, is small because his size makes a significant point – a point the reviewer obviously missed – that size is not important when it comes to being a hero. Of course, movie opinions will vary, but a movie based on a contemporary novel deserves a closer look and not so hasty a review.

-Jeanne LaFrance
GW employee

Misguided expos?

The recent Hatchet expos? on Community Living and Learning Center staffers’ luxury apartments (“CLLC staffers receive campus apartments”) prompted me to visit my friend and “lucky underling,” Richard Bryson on the first floor of Crawford Hall.

There I was signed in like any other guest, receiving no deferential treatment. I saw proper identification on his door, no doubt placed there in response to allegations voiced in The Hatchet. I was assured the previous absence of this sign was in no way intentional. It is wrong to take an innocent oversight and transform it into a basis for the maligning of a few students who are serving a function for the University.

The apartment itself could hardly be described as luxurious. I guess Rice Hall had dibs on all the Tiffany lamps and Oriental rugs. Mr. Bryson furnished most of the apartment with articles he had purchased with his own money. He works full-time for the University, in addition to taking classes. He was not given his room as a gratuitous perk.

It is unfortunate someone with the integrity of Mr. Bryson has to defend himself to poorly-informed individuals armed only with suspicions fueled by inadequate reporting. For the record, I do not work for the University in any capacity.

-Molly Van Buskirk

Grand Ole Party

If you were to tell me that a College Republicans event would have attracted more than 500 people, I would have said you were crazy. Well, it happened a few week ago when students packed the Betts Theatre to hear Lt. Col. Oliver North speak.

Since taking control of Congress in 1994, Republicans have passed the first balanced budget in nearly 30 years and the first middle-class tax cuts in 16 years. But there is more to be done. It is time we get our message across campus. Lower taxes, smaller government, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and fighting for integrity and accountability in our government are what Americans want. Republicans around the country are running on these issues. It is no surprise that we will build upon our majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate this November.

This makes it an exciting year for the GW College Republicans. We will continue to bring GOP leaders and advocates to campus to speak about issues that are important to Americans today.

Presently, we are planning trips to Pennsylvania and Maryland to campaign for candidates in races that are shaping up to be the closest in the country. We are playing a huge role in volunteering for The March, Coming Together to Conquer Cancer.

This is definitely a new beginning for the GW College Republicans. We encourage everyone to join our organization. You can help us continue to show GW students why Americans all across the country have chosen the common-sense policies of the Republican Party.

-Brad Murphy
vice chairman, GW College Republicans

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