Letters to the Editor

Fat foodI read with great disdain your front page article announcing the arrival of Burger King at J Street (Sept. 3). I especially take issue with what Chris Voss (no relation), chair of the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission, said about Burger King providing “good food.”

Fast food giants such as Burger King do not provide good food. Instead, they serve food full of saturated fats and inundated with calories.

For instance, a Double Whopper with cheese contains 850 calories, almost half of what the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends for a person to intake in an entire day. The same sandwich also contains 26 grams of saturated fat, while the recommended daily intake is 20 grams. All in a single sandwich – forget about the usual additions to a meal such as fries and a sugar-laden soda.

The addition of Burger King to J Street was not a responsible decision and I urge the University to take a more responsible approach in providing healthy food for its students.

-Stephen Vosssophomore

Letter biases

I take great exception to The GW Hatchet’s decision to print the letter “CDs want you” (Aug. 31, p. 4).

While I realize letters are naturally scarce at the beginning of a semester, The Hatchet’s decision to print this letter (which served simply as a plug for the GW College Democrats) betrayed obvious political bias. While betraying such bias is acceptable if The Hatchet wishes to openly declare itself a liberal paper, it is utterly improper if The Hatchet wishes to maintain any semblance of objectivity.

If the College Democrats want to advertise in The Hatchet, they should have to buy an ad, just like any other group.

-Ryan Sagervice president, GW College Libertarians

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