Avengers soundtrack wastes listeners’ time and money

Movies are no longer complete without an accompanying soundtrack. And lately, the soundtracks boast music that lacks any redeeming quality, as companies strive to make another dollar off the film.

The Avengers Soundtrack is no different.

With a techno theme, The Avengers Soundtrack is a collection of throw-away songs that waste the listener’s time and money.

The album may remind listeners of the Mission: Impossible soundtrack. On both albums, the big – and only – draw is a techno version of the original ’60s theme that proves to be a masterful update. Unfortunately, the rest of The Avengers Soundtrack falters.

The Stereo MC’s and Annie Lennox, both respectable artists in their own rights, disappoint with tepid songs. The strength of the Stereo MC’s usually lies in upbeat dance tracks complemented by intelligent lyrics. However, on The Avengers Soundtrack, the band performs a slow, tiresome melody with inane lyrics about how the band members “can’t help misbehavin’.” The listener wishes they would misbehave at a faster pace.

The one-hit wonders – Dishwalla, Sugar Ray and The Verve Pipe – are supposed to be the star power that carries the album. But in the end, the bands produce music they should be ashamed to play in public. A sad, pathetic attempt at techno, Sugar Ray’s “Burning Dog (Don’t Pet A)” amuses listeners, giving them a laugh.

Suggs’ (of Madness) half-hearted attempt at a mixture of techno and ska is another misfire on the album. With unfelt lyrics like “I am a man/I do what I can,” the song adds nothing to the soundtrack. The drum machine outfit Ashtar Command contributes two overwrought tracks. Led by a member of the band Filter, Ashtar Command tries to eke by on his supposedly big-name credentials, hoping the listener will forget the band has no talent – it doesn’t work.

The Avengers Soundtrack brings together a batch of songs victimized by drum loops and overproduction. The album embodies the mockery original motion picture soundtracks make of decent music. Hollywood needs to realize not every movie needs a matching CD.

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