Housing exile – Staff editorial

It’s hard not to notice how crowded campus has become this year.

And several freshmen in Thurston Hall have come to know first-hand the downside of GW’s overpopulation. After settling down in temporary housing in a study lounge for the first two weeks of classes, they were informed Tuesday it was time for them to pack their bags and move somewhere else. Talk about sensitivity.

Foggy Bottom residents regularly complain that the surrounding neighborhood is swamped with GW students because the University does not offer enough housing. They are definitely on to something. This year, freshmen have completely taken over Thurston, Lafayette, Crawford and Madison halls. Freshmen are scattered throughout Mitchell and Fulbright halls as well.

With so many freshmen in so many buildings, one has to wonder what the University is thinking. Why does it continually increase the number of incoming students when it has a limited number of places for them to live? Why is the University taking in so many students when classroom space is so limited? Why should students pay tens of thousands of dollars to live in study lounges and sit in overcrowded classrooms?

It is ridiculous to pretend students can learn when they are forced to sit on the floor, stand by the wall or sit in the hallway.

The University seems to be inspired by the airline industry – regularly overbooking flights to maximize revenues. GW is overbooking classrooms and residence halls to the detriment of students.

The University should rethink its policies. It should stop squeezing every extra dollar out of its students when it means sacrificing their living arrangements and learning facilities.

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