Letters to the Editor

CDs want you

Welcome to GW, home of the largest chapter of the College Democrats of America. That is no accident. GW students care about the issues that America’s Democrats are talking about.

We care about affordable college education, a strong economy that promises us jobs and success after college, a Patients’ Bill of Rights that puts the medical needs of patients before the profit-based desires of insurance companies, campaign finance laws that seek a more democratic form of representation and an America where we truly “leave no one behind.”

The GW College Democrats tackle these issues through forums such as last year’s debates on campaign finance reform and homelessness.

Additionally, we bring America’s top decision-makers and issue advocates to campus to speak about these important issues. We organize numerous community service projects to help the poor, hungry and homeless in our city and participate in benefits such as the AIDS Walk and The March (to stomp out cancer).

This year we are planning a series of campaign trips so that our members can help elect pro-student Democrats in close races in nearby states and in D.C.

Additionally, we organize GW’s largest internship fairs so our members can get directly involved in each of these issues at vital organizations throughout the city.

The GW College Democrats will host their kick-off speaker Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Marvin Center’s third floor ballroom. Steve Grossman, chairman of the Democratic party, will lay out the pro-student, pro-working family Democratic agenda in more detail at this event.

For you, this means a chance to join last year’s more than 600 members to talk about our country’s important issues and to get directly involved.

-Adam Segal past president, College Democrats

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